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  • ILA Meeting Minutes 08 22 2018

    Meeting August 22, 2018

     Present were: Amy Vecchione; Board President, Erin Downey; Vice President, Beverly Richmond; Secretary, Jane Clapp; Treasurer, Ann Joslin; State Librarian, Jeannie Sandal , Ellie Epperson , Marina Rose, Stephanie Bailey-White, Jennifer Henzten, Rosemary Yocum, Bruce Godfrey, Ben Hunter, John Thill, Jennifer Redford, Rami Attebury and Kiersten  Kerr.

    Amy called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon


    1. Approval of May 2, 2018 minutes: Rosemay Yocum moved that the May 2, 2018 meeting minutes be approved. Jennifer Henzten seconded the motion. Motion passed. Amy Vecchione abstained.
    2. Board preconference at ILA in October:   There was discussion about travel reimbursement policies. Jane will forward that to everyone. Amy discussed that the  Board preconference meeting is on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 beginning at 1:00 pm. It is scheduled to last until 4:00 pm.
    3. 501c3 update: Amy stated that the previous law office that ILA was working with had folded. Amy is diligently
    4. Task force update -- Legislative-- John Thill stated that all of the Legislator visits for the coming session should have a representative from Public Libraries/ State Librarian/ President/Vice President from ILA. The focus for ILA for this legislative session should be the following items:
    1. Meet with you legislators prior to the beginning of legislative session.
    2. Form a Rapid Response Team who will be willing to testify at the Capitol on short notice.

    John stated that John Watts believes that focus for libraries in this legislative session will be in the following areas:

    1. Wireless filtering--what steps need to be addressed more formally.
    2. Taxing district funds/bonds how and when bonds can be run and how the money can be spent or allocated.
    3. Support of ICfL supplemental budget in the following areas:
    • Move Talking Book funds from federally funded to state funded.
    • Provide money to support ICfL and kindergarten readiness
    • Provide help with non-rate broadband expenses to public libraries.


    Lastly John  Thill stated that finding legislators to  attend the conference in Moscow has been a challenge. It was requested that he reach out to Paulette Jordan who is running for governor.

    Board Restructing -- Task Force Amy stated that the task force has come up with the following recommendations or areas to target:

    • Communication between board members is an issue
    • Focus on ILA thriving versus just maintaining
    • Using digital communication is difficulty
    • Board Member expectations
    • Outward focus-- Amy would like two people to attend the Hardwood Institute Conference.

    Stephanie commented that onboarding or training for all new board members is very important. It is very important for board members to understand who communicates what to whom. This will be an agenda item at the preconfernce.

    1. Conference update (2018)--Kiersten stated that the conference has 90 people registered to attend so far. Some areas of concern are:
    1. Confusion about member pricing, are we trusting that this is being done correctly or do we have non-members paying incorrectly.

     Ben stated that all of the programs have been set, Jim Neal is a great speaker and is looking forward to attending.  Ben also stated the weather is great in Moscow. 

    1. Conference update (2019)--Amy stated that the theme for the 2019 conference has been decided, it is REAL. "Relivant, Engaging, Accessible, Libraries"
    2. ILA advocacy toolkit (Erin K.)--Erin Kennedy has sent out a draft to everyone, please respond by September 1, 2018.
    3. Elections for 2018-2019--Erin Downey stated that there has been an open call for nominations for the vacant positions.
    4. Who remains on the board 2018 - 2019 Beverly has sent out an updated list for all of the executive board position that will be vacant or with new members stepping into new roles.


    Meeting adjourned at  1:10 pm.

    Next meeting: ILA preconference Oct 2, 2018 @1:00 pm

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    The Idaho Library Association depends on members of the library community at all levels. Library professionals, from the front lines to the back office, help keep our organization strong! Thank you for renewing your membership.

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    ILA members come from all types of libraries: public, school, academic and special. Some members are representative of a library board of trustees or friends group. No matter the type of library, ILA members come from every corner of Idaho – from Bonners Ferry to Ola to Island Park. Meeting colleagues from around the state and collaborating on special projects or events is an opportunity not to be missed.


    ILA members can apply for two continuing education scholarships: the ILA Scholarship and the Gardner Hanks Scholarship. at the annual conference each year, ILA recognizes the librarian of the year, the school library program of the year, and the public library of the year, as voted on by the ILA Scholarships and Awards Committee.


    ILA members have access to powerful, effective representation before state legislators and leaders. A legislative team works on issues in front of the legislature that are of an important nature to Idaho libraries, and keeps the Idaho library community informed about these issues and how they affect libraries.


  • Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 04 04 2018

    Idaho Library Association

    April Full Board Meeting

    April 4, 2018 11am MT



    Amy call the meeting to order at 11:05 am


                Those present were Amy Vecchione, Beverly Richmond,  Tiffani Young, Erin Downey, Jessica Bowman, Stephanie Bailey-White, Ann  Joslin, Rosemary Yocum, Ben Hunter, Kate Lovan, Rami Attebury, Jane Clapp, Jeannie Standal, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, and Erin Kennedy. Absent were Beverly McKay, Kiersten Kerr and John Thill.




    • Approve March7, 2018 meeting minutes. Ann Joslin noted one correction. Rosemary moved that the March 7, 2018 meeting minutes be approved with corrections. Kate seconded. Motion passed.


       Consent Agenda-- Payment of Lee Rainie since our last meeting--  Kate moved that the board approve the $200.00 expense for Lee Rainey out of the general budget funds and the additional amount of $62.00 to come out Intellectual Freedom fund.  Rosemary seconded the motion. Motion passes.

    • Updates -

     Inform Board -

    Post email votes on site -  Amy discussed with the board the need for email votes and how email votes should be handled in between meeting. Erin stated that creating a google drive folder to house all the information is doable.  There was further discussion about the transparency and the need for it to be a formal way of recapping what goes on during meeting and between meetings. 


    Post minutes to members - Amy discussed the need to post minutes to member only and that they are available on the website and in google drive for the executive board as well.  There was discussion about the need to be transparent for all the members and having the meeting minutes reflect the meetings accurately is very important.


    Legislative stance on censorship - Marina discussed the email that was sent out to everyone regarding the Legislative stance on censorship ILA supports the right to access information including but not limited to legal information Rosemary moved to support the ILA stance against internet filtering. Kate seconded. Motion passed.   

    Did ALA membership, PO Box, and Cathy Gray all get finances set up and/or

    checks go out? - Amy questioned whether or not the ALA memberships had gone out. Jane stated that they had not.  Discussion followed about the need to develop a better way to capture budget items that were not included in the yearly budget before they occur. Stephanie Bailey-White moved that $150.00 be spent for the ALA memberships. Kate seconded.  Motion passes.



    • Vote Required for Board Approval - Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, IRS, &

    501c3 -  Amy provided the board with two attachments, they were a 501c3 fact sheet and a 501c3 transition process breakdown for everyone to review. Discussion followed.


    Final proposed Articles of Incorporation - Amy provided the final proposed Articles of Incorporation which will change the board to a 501c3. Discussion followed. There was discussion about Article VI--which states in part  that "No substantial part of the activities of the Association shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation".  Rosemary moved that Amended Constitution and final articles of incorporation be approved. Stephanie Bailey-White seconded the motion. Motion unanimously passed.


    Agenda items tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints:

    ○ Status of nominating committee - Erin D.

    ○ Regional conferences - Erin D.

    ○ Institutional Memberships: feedback and ideas - Stephanie

    ○ Follow up from conclusion of grassroots lobbying - Erin K.

    • Establish Financial Policies - Jane



    • Creation of two Ad-Hoc committees-- Amy requested that two Ad Hoc committees consisting of 3-4 members each be formed. The two committees are:
    • Legislative priority committee
    • Restructure Committee


      Legislative priority committee --Kate, John, Erin and Stephanie volunteered.

      Restructure  Committee-- Kate, Ben, Jane and Erin volunteered.


    Ellie Epperson wanted to let everyone know that Marina is graduating and will be stepping down from her position here on the ILA board.


    The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm. The next meeting is April 20, 2018 at 11:00 am mountain time via zoom of phone.

  • ILA Meeting Minutes March 7, 2018


    Idaho Library Association

    March Full Board Meeting

    March 7, 2018 11am MT


    Amy called the meeting to order at: 11:05 pm

       Those present were: Tiffani Young, Emily Sitz, John Thill, Jeannie Standal, Ann Joslin, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, Ben Hunter, Erin Downey, Bruce Godfrey, Rami Attebury, Beverly McKay, Amy Vecchione, Kate Lovan, Stephanie Bailey-White, Beth Swenson, Kiersten Kerr, Rosemay Yocum and Beverly Richmond, absent were Jane Clapp and Jessica Bowman.



    • Approve February 5, 2018 meeting minutes. Rosemary moved to approve the Febrauary 5, 2018 meeting minutes. Jeannie seconded. Motion passed. Ben Hunter abstained.


    • Additions to the agenda - Amy asked for additions. Ann Joslin stated that the 19th Amendment 100-year celebration is in 2020. Representative Bell would like the whole state to participate in this event.


    • Kudos to those testifying on HB619 - John Thill updated everyone on House Bill 619 that died in committee due largely to public libraries testifying before the committee. Ann Joslin stated that John Watts and John Thill were very involved in helping to make sure that this bill did not make it to the house and senate floor. Kate Lovan stated "there is more work to be done" she is meeting with Brent Crane and John Watts to follow-up on what steps need to be done next. She will let us know how we can help.


    • HB639 - John Thill stated that HB639 is the Bond Measure that has died on the committee floor. He questioned whether the ILA stance letter had been sent out yet. Amy asked for clarification as to whether letters where being sent out without full board knowledge. Kate Lovan will work on this and post a document to the google website. Rosemary moved that the ILA stance be an opposition to this with clarification . Jeannie seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


    • Trustee Proposal - Rosemary and Emily Sitz have put together a Trustee Advocacy Campaign. Some of the highlights included added membership to ILA by Trustees, this campaign will cost little if anything, and this will help trustee be more informed about what is going on in their libraries and libraries around the state. Rosemary moved that the board approve the Trustee Advocacy Campaign. John seconded. Motion passed. This campaign is set to launch National Library week in April.



    • IMLS budget - Feb. 12 and action items--- Amy stated that the Fiscal Year 2019 IMLS budge is a 2.8 million dollar reduction from that of previous years. Ann Joslin stated that the Fiscal year 2018 budget is expected to be at level funding and the deadline is March 19,2018 for approval.


    • Status of nominating committee - Erin Downey stated that she will be sending out emails with updates on the nominating committee for new board members. .


    • Regional conferences - Erin Downey will be sending out and email on the regional conference with cost updates in the near future.


    • Institutional Memberships: feedback and ideas--Stephanie Bailey-White stated that there is currently no category for institutional membership and wondered "should we have a full category" for institutional members. Ben Hunter stated that this was a problem in years past as large portion of membership fees went to the lobbyist fees creating a tax problem. Rosemary asked if there are any current guidelines for this. Stephanie asked if there were any guidelines for the amount to charge members. Erin questioned whether this would create a conflict if ILA does become a 501 (c) 3. Ben stated that some institutions do not provide individual memberships which could be a conflict. Rosemary moved that we consider institutional membership at a later date. Kate seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


    • Why move to 501(c)3 - Rosemary stated that some of the reasons for moving to a 501 (c) 3 are: Tax exemptions for businesses, reduction in perceived conflict of interest and conflict of commitment, reduced rates for conference contracts (if you recall the Boise State contract issues we encountered), tax deductible contributions, exemption from federal tax and reduced postal rates. There was discussion about how this could create more money coming in for ILA. Ann stated that she had concerns about the Lobbyist being a direct Lobbyist. Ann stated she had heard from some Public Library directors and there were as definite concerns from many of them about the possibility of not being able to have a lobbyist if the organization moves to a 501 (c) 3. Rosemary moved that a vote to move to a 501 (c) 3 be conducted via email. Ben seconded. Motion passed. The email vote results are as follows.


    10 ayes 0 nays 4 abstains - the motion passes and ILA will move to 501c3.


    President: Aye

    Vice President: 



    Membership Chair: 

    Legislative Chair: Aye

    State Librarian: Aye

    PNLA Rep: Aye

    ALA Chapter Councilor: Aye

    Student Rep: Aye

    Academic and Special Chair: Aye

    School Library Chair: Aye

    Public Library Chair: Aye

    Trustee and Friends Chair: Aye


    Items tabled to the April 4, 2018 meeting are:

    • Follow-up on conclusion of grassroots lobbying--Erin Kennedy
    • Financial Policies--Amy
    • Solicitation of board member feedback regarding lobbyist, advocacy, direct lobbying and grassroots lobbying.


    Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm. Next meeting is April 4, 2018 @11:00 am via phone or zoom.

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    Meeting Minutes February 5, 2018


    February 5, 2018

    Meeting Minutes


    Present were: Amy Vecchione, President; Erin Downey, Vice-President; Ellie Epperson, Student Representative; Leigh Price, Albertson Library Intern; Rosemary Yocum, Trustee Chair; Ann Joslin, State Librarian; Jeannie Standal, Representative for Pacific Northwest Library Association; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Molly Montgomery, ACRL Idaho Chair; John Thill, Legislative Chair; Kate Lovan, Public Library Chair; Larry Blackburn, Trustee Vice-President; Jane Clapp, Treasurer; Jessica Bowman, Online Content Coordinator; Erin Kennedy, Intellectual Freedom Chair; Kiersten Kerr, School Library Chair; Jennifer Redford, Constitution & Bylaws Chair, Stephanie Bailey-White, Academic & Special Library Division Chair, and Marina Rose, Student Representative.



         Amy called the meeting to order at 10:05 pm. Introductions around the room were made.


    • 10am: Approve January minutes : Secretary Beverly Richmond--stated that she had recently sent out the last updates with corrections. Erin moved that the January 3, 2018 meeting minutes be approved with the noted corrections. Ann seconded. Motion passed. Molly and Jane abstained.
    • 10: 15 am: Budget Review and Approval: Treasurer Jane Clapp--

                                    Checking--                                        17,033.00

                                    Intellectual Freedom---                   8,738.65

                                    Gardner Hanks                                  7,323.22

                                    Savings                                                6,750.97


    ○ Conference Budget--Jane Clapp discussed the 2018 annual budget with everyone.  There was discussion about the conference, it is estimated that the conference will generate $51,300 and the expenses will be approximately $39,035.00. There was discussion about the number of vendors and the consensus was that 20 vendors seemed more accurate. Jessica stated that a call-for-proposals had gone out, however she will send it again. Jane made the required adjustments to the budget with last year's vendor numbers.  Rosemary moved that the 2018 Conference Budget estimate be approved with updates in June for board Travel and Exhibits costs. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

    ○ Annual budget review--Jane went through each line item on the budget.  There was discussion about school libraries and the trustee's budget request amounts for mailing cost.  There was also discussion about doing a membership drive to increase membership and revenue. Amy stated that Lynn Baird is our registered agent. Rosemary Yocum volunteered to become the registered agent. 

    Moving to 501c3 --Amy discussed the benefits of moving to a 501 (c)3.  They include a digital footprint, institutional memory, the ability to define rolls for members, term limits, donations, tax exempt status, donations are tax deductible, reduced postal rates, and the added benefit of lobbying for donations and funds.

    • 11:15 am: Reimbursement forms for ILA travelers - Treasurer Jane Clapp requested that everyone submit their travel reimbursement forms and receipts for meal and lodging to her email which is
    • 11:30 am Budget and contracts: Amy Vecchione and Erin Downey discussed the current proposed budget and our contracted representative which include John Watts of Veritas, our legislative lobbyist, and Jason Mau, an attorney who will be helping with the conversion to a 501 (c) 3. 
    • 12 pm Noon: - Catie Bennett - US Small Business Association--Catie from the US Small Business Association--Boise office discussed how they could assist libraries across the state with Small Business options. The areas that they are able to help with include, low-cost counseling and free business counseling, Economic Development and Market research, Federal Contracting Assistance and a Business Plan.
    • 1ish pm Budget and contracts part 2--There was more discussion about the 2018 budget and the need to increase revenue. This budget reflects the need to work on revenue and keep maintenance costs at a minimum. Erin moved to accept the 2018 budget expectations as written. Stephanie Bailey-White seconded. Motion passed. Amy abstained.
    • 1:30 pm Bylaws: Make Web Content Coordinator a voting member---There was discussion about making the Online Content coordinator a voting member. It was decided that this position does not need to be a voting member, however Ann moved that the Online Content Coordinator travel for official board meeting is reimbursed. Jeannie seconded. Motion passed.
    • 1:45 pm Vision Discussion--Amy requested that everyone review the vision statement for the next meeting.
    • 2:15 pm Every Library--Erin discussed Every Library and encouraged everyone to check into all the good things that Every Library is doing to help libraries across the nation. Every Library is funded by cooperation's that have connection to libraries.

            2:15 Ann Joslin discussed Lee Rainey. He will be speaking about "Media Literacy and Social Media" on April 2, 2018 at  Boise State Special Events Center  and on April 3, 2018 at the  Boise Public Library, this will be  streamed to other libraries around the state.

    • 2:45-4:30 pm Planning for Day at the Capitol: Erin Downey, John Thill, John Watts of Veritas and Loretta  student representative.

                    John Watts discussed the Boundary Small Rural Library of the Year, 2017 proclamation. He stated that this would make it through both the house and senate without any difficulty. He also discussed the Talking Books/broadband request for federal funding to be moved to state funding. Internet filtering and professional development. He stated other areas of legislation include limiting bond time limits and forgone amounts for public libraries. There was more discussion about each of these areas. John advised those of us we were attending the legislative session the next day to state each of our viewpoints when questioned about these legislative bills and how they would impact each of our libraries. John Thill, Amy and Erin also advised each of us about these important legislative bills and encouraged each of those attending to have examples to give to the representatives when asked.


    Adjournment : The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.  The next meeting is March 7, 2018 via zoom/telephone conference at 11:00 am mountain time.

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    HB 619

    On Friday, March 2, 2018. HB 619  was in House Senate Affairs Committee to move on the the floor of the house and senate. This bill was for library wireless filtering . After over an hour of testimony, this bill failed to progress through the house, and also failed to retain it in committee for additional work. The following public library directors from across the state testified:

                                              John Thill, Legislative Chair for the ILA and Public Services Manage of Meridian Library District

                                              Janna Streibel --Director of Marsing Library

                                              LeAnn Gelsky--Director of Hailey Public Library

                                              Kate Lovan--Director of Middleton Public Library

                                              Cindy Erickson--Director of Soda Springs Public Library

                                              Tammy Gray--Director of Grandview Public Library

                                               Mary DeWalt--Director of Ada Community  Library

                                                Ann Joslin--State Librarian

                                                Bette Ammon-- Director--Couer d'Alene Public Library

                                                John Watts--Lobbyist on behalf of libraies

      Also present as the cheerleading section were Dylan Baker from ICfL and Beverly Richmond, Director from Priest Lake Public Library. This was a huge success because of all of the people who work so hard in libraries.


  • Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 01 03 2018

    Jan. 3, 2018

    Online  Meeting

    11am MT/10am PT

    2 hour meeting


    Topic/ Agenda


    1. Roll call - Amy called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. Present were Amy Vecchione, Beverly Richmond, Erin Downey, Beverly McKay, Ann Joslin, Marina Rose  Jessica Bowman,  Rami Attebury, Beth Swenson, John Thill, Stephanie Bailey-White,  Ben Hunter, Jeannie Standahl, Tiffani Young, Kate Lovan, and Kiersten Kerr. Absent were Jane Clapp and Jennifer Redford.


    1. Approve November minutes - Beverly requested that if anyone had changes/corrections to the November 2017 meeting minutes please send them to her. Stephanie Bailey White moved that the November meeting minutes be approved with corrections and additions.  Ben seconded. Motion passed.


    1. Approve December minutes - Beverly stated that the December meeting minutes were previously sent out to everyone. Ann Joslin stated that she found one correction in item 7  "it should state that the legislative session begins in January not February.  Ann moved that the December meeting minutes be approved with this correction.  Ben seconded. Motion passed.


    1. Additions to the agenda - Amy asked if there were any additions to the agenda.


    1. Prepare and decide on legislative agenda - John Thill stated that he had met with John Watts a few weeks ago. He stated at present there are two items that the legislators will be asked to approve in the coming weeks. They are:
    2. ICfL funding request  for Talking Books funding to be moved from the state level to ICfL  and Broadband reimbursements for Public Libraries.
    3. A Proclamation creating a day of recognition for Boundary County as best Small/ Rural Library of the year.

                    Discussion followed about how to reach out to legislators and the ability to bring more awareness to each of them about what is really going on in libraries across the state. Stephanie Bailey- White  stated that the Braille Celebrations that were happening in Burley is a great way to show the importance of the Talking Books and how we reach many patrons across the state.  

    Amy stated that she had met with Roger Brown and he is willing to work with ILA to teach us how to advocate differently , he will also advise us on when to send advocating letters to our representatives and  who to send them to. He is willing to help ILA with a new approach so that we may better serve the libraries in Idaho.

                    John Thill also stated that the Proclamation for Bounday County Day--is in draft form and that it has been sent to Representative  Sage Dixon and Senator Shawn Keough.  


    1. CSLP Teen Video Challenge - Jeannie wanted to let everyone know that ILA  is sponsoring  this year's  Teen Video Challenge"  and that it will be launching shortly  and is hoping to reach more parts of the state. Jeannie stated that the winner will receive $100.00 and the public library that the winner represents will receive $50.00.


    1. Libraries and early literacy  - Stephanie  wanted to let the group know about SmartyAnts--a Foundation for literacy for children ages up to 4 years old and all the resources that will be available when it launches. As yet there is no launch date set. Stay tuned for more information.


    1. Save the date - Amy wanted to let everyone know about some dates that were coming up in the near future. Lee Rainey will be speaking about "Fake  News on April 2, 2018 at  Boise State  and on April 3, 2018 for 6:00-9:00 pm at the Boise Public Library.


     (Erin Downey, Bev McKay, Ann Joslin, Amy Vecchione - anyone else?)- Amy stated that there is training available for Nonprofit Center basics on January 11, 2018 @10:00 am. Erin, Beverly, Ann and Amy are planning on attended and wondered if anyone else is interested? The cost is $120.00 per person to attend.  This cost covers only the attendance few and nothing else. Stephanie Bailey- White stated she would also like to attemd. John moved that ILA pay for between 5-7 board members to attend and cover the cost up to $200.00 per person. Erin seconded the motion. Motion passed.


    1. Current budget status -  Amy stated that  Jane C. was absent today, however she is hoping to have a consolidated budget out to the board via email later in the week.


    1. Conference report and update - Ben stated that there really wasn't any updates today. There will be a call for presentation that will be due in March. He also stated that Pre-Conference proposals will go out soon.


    1. Confirm 2019 Conference Site Selection - Amy stated that this will happen at the February meeting. She did also state that the site for the 2019 conference has been chosen. It will be at the Nampa Convention Center in Nampa.


    1. President updates: Election recruitment, advocacy efforts beyond legislative lobbying - Amy reminded everyone to reach out to people to see if they are interested in being part the ILA board.


    1. For next time - request from Irene Gonzales, SBA --Amy stated that Irene Gonzales would like to attend our next board meeting to discuss ways to partner together. Amy and John both stated that she is great to work with. Amy will reach out and invite her to our February Meeting.


    Adjournment:  Marina motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Erin seconded the motion. Motion passed.


    Next Meeting:   February 5, 2018 at Boise Public Library, Marion Bingham Room @ 10:00 am. Lunch to be provided by Deli George.

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    Meeting minutes approved with minor correction under item 7, it should read legislative sessions start in January.

  • published ILA Meeting Minutes 10 04 2017 in Blog 2017-10-11 15:38:06 -0600

    ILA Meeting Minutes 10 04 2017


    October 4, Meeting Minutes

    Pending Approval


     Call to Order:  Amy called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm. Present were Amy Vechionne, Board Chair; Erin Downey, Vice Chair,  Beverly Richmond, Secretary;  Ann Joslin, State Librarian; Jessica Bowman, Jane Clapp, Treasurer; John Thill, Katie Lovan, Stephanie Bailey- White; Ben Hunter; Molly Montgomery; Marina Rose, Lacey Welt; Beverly McKay, Jeannie Standal; Beth Hendrix, Beth Swenson, Jennifer Hinzen, Keirsten Kerr, Rosemary Yocum , Julie Hatcher, Tiffani Young and guests Emily Sitz from Idaho Commission for Libraries and John Watts from Veritas. Absent was Kristi Haman.


    Approval of meeting minutes of July 27, 2017.  Erin moved that the meeting minutes of July 27, 2017. Katie seconded and motion passed.


    • Active business: transition to a new board --Am y welcomed all the new members and the returning board members to the meeting. Both Amy and Erin Downey discussed how to use Nation Builder which is the ILA website.


    • Determine legislative and board priorities--John Thill discussed the two resolutions that needed board approval  The first resolution is the talking book Services and the request was for $357,000. This resolution would move the Talking Book Service (TBS) from federal funding back to state funds, where it was funded prior to FY2010.

    The second resolution is the Broadband Reimbursement for Public Libraries--(EOR). This request is for an additional $45,000.00 to increase the boardband reimbursement funding for Idaho Public Libraries  through the Education opportunity Act (EOR).  This represents a 25% increase to $180,000.00 amount currently available to reimburse the non-E-rate portion of public libraries' internet service.  John Thill moved that both of these resolutions be approved. Julie Hatcher seconded. Motion passed. Ann Joslin  abstained.


    • Report out on how legislative visits went --John Watts stated that he was not sure how Legislative visits went. He did discuss internet filtering and a mandate of internet filtering on all computers at libraries.


    • Call for budget requests --Jane Clapp stated there are no official numbers as yet. She reminded everyone that  budget requests are now due and to include the following.
      • Include travel to and from 2018 conference in Moscow for award winners
      • VP include regional conferences + project income

    Jane also discussed the need for how we count membership and the need to change it.  Jane provided her email address to send the budget request to, it is


    • Conference report -- Lacey stated that the conference will be full of great programs and presenters, everything is in place for a very successful conference. Lacey wanted to thank the conference board for all their hard work. They include Megan Ekbert, Marina Rose, Shirley Bilideau, Kevin Tomlison and Ellie Efferson.


    • Website onboarding-- Both Amy and Erin Downey discussed how to use Nation Builder which is the ILA website.


    • ILA Mission and Vision Update- Amy stated that the ILA Mission and Vision statement need to be reworked and that there will be a new vision statement and mission statement in the future to review.


    • 501c3 --Amy discussed the need to become a 501 (c) 3  and this discussion will be continued at the meeting in February.


    • LSTA--Stephanie discussed LSTA funds being used for E-Books for all libraries  with the support of school programs.


    • Resolution from Shawn Keogh --John Watts discussed that a possible resolution be made to honor  Boundary County for being the best Small and Rural Library in the Nation. This honor will be made during National Library Week in April. Stephanie Bailey White moved to adopt this resolution. Beverly Richmond seconded. Motion passed.


    • Public Development-- John Thill discussed  access to professional development  and the need for better salaries across the state. The library infrastructure is one of lifelong learning, it is used by job seekers, for economic development , research, recreation and other activities. Jessica, Tiffani, Keirsten, and John to provide ordering to ILA for support of this.  It will be an action item/agenda item at the next meeting.


    Adjournment--Jane Clapp moved that the meeting be adjourned at 6:30 pm. Larry Blackburn seconded. Motion passed.


    Amy wished everyone a wonderful conference and thanked everyone for their continued dedication to ILA and libraries.

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    meetining minutes 02/06/2017


    Meeting Minutes

    February 6, 2017



    Call to Order: Amy Vecchione called the meeting to order at 835 am.  Those present were Amy Vecchione, ILA board chair; Erin Downey, vice chair; Ann Joslin, State Librarian, Audra Green, Kristi Haman, Ryan Randall, Becky Proctor, Molly Montgomery, Julie Hatcher, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, Jennifer Hntzen, Jeannie Stadahl, and joining online were Ben Hunter and Beverly Richmond, Secretary.

    Approval of meeting minutes:  Jeannie moved that the meeting minutes of December 10, 2016 be approved with the corrections. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

    New Business:

    Strategic Priorities:  Ann Joslin described the background and rationale behind the IcFL Strategic Priorities  document. The link to the document is:

    There was discussion and Amy said that ILA can choose to focus on this. Erin suggested that working with LilAC to partner with staff development and leadership is an option.


    Becky reported that membership is currently at 381 although some of last year's members have yet to renew. It was discussed that we use membership software t o track this. Erin reported that she has researched this and likes Nation Builder. The cost would be approximately $1500.00 a year. Nation Builder is easier to use than what ILA is currently using. Ann moved that the Board use Nation Builder. Audra seconded. Motion passed.

    Lobby day

    John Watts and Gregg Casey were on hand from Veritas  to discuss upcoming Lobby Day. It was discussed that we rename Lobby Day to Captiol Day in the hopes of encouraging more librarians and board members as well. Amy moved that we rename Lobby Day to Capitol Day, Kristi seconded and Motion passed.  John recommended that we work from a strategic prospective and create our own policies. Ann stated that the legislators may need to know how libraries collaborate across the state with services and the community. There was much discussion on how we should proceed. There was discussion on what would be happening on February 7th at the Capitol. Amy , Erin and Audra will be addressing information to the legislators. Anyone who wishes to attend is encouraged to do so.

    Library Conference Annual Budget:


    There was discussion about the upcoming Annual Conference. Audra asked if there were caps on anything? Amy replied that the Conference Committee has to go through the Board to get the Conference Budget approved.  It was decided that the Early Bird registration will be up until the end of August. Facilities cost will be waived.  Becky moved that the conference budget be approved. Jeanie seconded and motion passed.


    Travel Forms:

    Trisha reported that she has received and processed all the travel reimbursement forms that she has. If you have not received reimbursement you need to get your forms to her. Trisha also stated that she is working on creating a new form that is more user friendly.


    Kristi and Amy discussed how to change the election terms and how we should promote the elections across the state. There was discussion about timing and who should handle this. It was discussed about length of  office and how term time limits need to change for some of the positions.

    Voting Members

    It was stated that both the Legislative Chair Position and the Student Rep Position are now voting members of the board.

    Adjournment:  It was moved that the meeting be adjourned at 3:30 pm ?????

    Next meeting : March 7,2017 at 11:00 am mountain time, 10:00 am Pacific

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    meeting minutes 03/07/2017


    ILA Meeting Minutes

    March 20,2017


    Call to Order: Amy called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm mountain/12:03pacific time. Present were Amy Vecchione, Board President; Kristi Haman, Past President; Erin Downey, Vice-President; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Jessica, Ben Hunter, Molly Montgomery, Ann Joslin, Marina, Kiersten, and Becky Proctor.


    Approval of meeting minutes:  Approval of meeting minutes of March 7, 2017 (????) I am not sure that this was done because this meeting was called at the last minute.


    New Business: 

    Contacting your members of congress, membership and/or LibIdaho:  There was discussion of the recent events that the President wants reduce the funding of Museum and Library Science Institutes. Ann stated that the LSTA funding for the 2017 fiscal year is approximately 73% of what it was in the past. Amy stated that Andy was willing to give the ILA board access and help on Cap Wiz.  Jessica asked if there was an itemized list of the programs and services that could be affected by the potential budget cuts. Ann expressed the need for everyone to have a effective way to contact members of congress whether it was via postcard, email or even snail mail about the impact to libraries.

    Amy discussed the draft letter that she had complied and some changes were made. It was discussed that the examples be able to tie directly to the funding and the impact that the loss of the funding could potentially have. Amy will draft a new version and send it out to the board.

    Amy stressed that it was important to be aware of these ongoing issues with our advocacy platforms  and the need to stay informed on all of the updates.

    Amy stated that Engage is still not set up and running yet.

    Ann is also working on a draft letter that can be sent to members of congress and the membership showing the impact of loss of funding and how it will affect many programs in Idaho.

    Meeting was adjourned at 1:48 pm mountain time.

    Next meeting: April 11,2017 @11:00 am mountain time.

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    meeting minute 03/20/2017


    ILA Meeting Minutes

    March 20,2017


    Call to Order: Amy called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm mountain/12:03pacific time. Present were Amy Vecchione, Board President; Kristi Haman, Past President; Erin Downey, Vice-President; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Jessica, Ben Hunter, Molly Montgomery, Ann Joslin, Marina, Kiersten, and Becky Proctor.


    Approval of meeting minutes:  Approval of meeting minutes of March 7, 2017 (????) I am not sure that this was done because this meeting was called at the last minute.


    New Business: 

    Contacting your members of congress, membership and/or LibIdaho:  There was discussion of the recent events that the President wants reduce the funding of Museum and Library Science Institutes. Ann stated that the LSTA funding for the 2017 fiscal year is approximately 73% of what it was in the past. Amy stated that Andy was willing to give the ILA board access and help on Cap Wiz.  Jessica asked if there was an itemized list of the programs and services that could be affected by the potential budget cuts. Ann expressed the need for everyone to have a effective way to contact members of congress whether it was via postcard, email or even snail mail about the impact to libraries.

    Amy discussed the draft letter that she had complied and some changes were made. It was discussed that the examples be able to tie directly to the funding and the impact that the loss of the funding could potentially have. Amy will draft a new version and send it out to the board.

    Amy stressed that it was important to be aware of these ongoing issues with our advocacy platforms  and the need to stay informed on all of the updates.

    Amy stated that Engage is still not set up and running yet.

    Ann is also working on a draft letter that can be sent to members of congress and the membership showing the impact of loss of funding and how it will affect many programs in Idaho.

    Meeting was adjourned at 1:48 pm mountain time.

    Next meeting: April 11,2017 @11:00 am mountain time.

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    meeting minutes 04/11/2017



    Meeting Minutes  April 11, 2017 11:00 am mountain/10:00am pacific


    Call to Order: Amy called the meeting to order at 11:00am. Present were Amy, board Chair; Beverly, secretary, Kristi, past president; Erin, vice-chair, Trisha, treasurer; Julie, Jeannie, Jennifer, Ben, Beth, Marina Rose, Ann Joslin and Jessica. Absent were Becky, Audra, Kiersten and Ryan.




    New Business:  Nation Builder--Erin stated that Nation Builder the new website for ILA was up and running. She encouraged everyone to take a look at it.

    Nation Builder has the ability to host (10) public sites and unlimited administration sites. Erin talked us through logging in using an email address. Erin will check into how to do it on a smart phone. Erin stated that the suggestion page is a public profile that uses a social media platform and that on-boarding will happen next year. ILA members were given monthly assignments for the new website. They were: Jessica will check into how the blog works and how to keep it constant, Molly engagement, Jeff--maker pages, Ann/Amy IMLS updates, Jeannie-ESSA, Kristi-LibIdaho.


    Jeff asked about Committee pages and place holders for the different committees.


    Jeannie---ESSA-- Jeannie stated the committee members are Erin, Amy, Jeannie, Julie and Carol. The Idaho State Plan has a deadline of Sept. 18, 2017.  May 12, 2017 is the deadline for draft (4) to be reviewed and submitted. Idaho is moving forward with this.


    Legislative-- Amy reported that that is done for the moment.


    Annual Conference--Kristi reported that elections are coming up. There are open positions available.


    Trisha--Trisha reported that money issues still exist with Pay Pal.


    Election Prep--Amy discussed the 2 year term results from the survey.


    Meeting Adjourned at 11:55


    Next Meeting--May 10, 2017 at 11:00 am mountain/10:00 am pacific

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    Meeting Minutes 05-10-2017


    Meeting Minutes May 10, 2017 11:00 am mountain time/ 10:00 am pacific time

                    Call to order--Amy called the meeting to order at 11:05.  Present were Amy Vecchione, Board President; Erin Downey, Vice Chair; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Kristi Haman, Past President; Becky Proctor, Membership; Jennifer Bowman, Ellie Epperson, Ben Hunter, Kiersten Kerr, Beth Canzoneri, Beth Swenson, Molly Montgomery, and Ryan Randall.

                    Approval of Meeting Minutes of April 11, 2017-- Ben moved that the April 11, 2017 meeting minutes be approved. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

    New Business---

    • o ACRL Idaho conference (Molly) Purpose: Board helps with planning and sharing about the ACRL unconference coming up--  Molly also wondered if the seed money from the unconference went back to ILA . There was some discussion.  Erin stated that she would make sure registration was on Nationbuilder. Kristi moved that the unconference be considered a regional conference in future years with seed funding from ILA . Erin seconded. Motion passed.
    • o Finances update (Trisha) Purpose: Board understands how we are doing financially --Trisha was not available for this meeting as a result there was not an update on finances.
    • o Membership update (Becky) Purpose: Board understands if we need to do more membership recruitment--Erin stated that we currently have 247 members and that the goal is 300. There was some discussion about people who have attended conferences in the past that aren't attending, the pricing structure, that there is a downward trend in people attending. Kristi commented that there should be a third tier in the pricing structure. Amy would like our reserve fund to increase.
    • o Legislative update NLLD --Ann Joslin has met with Senator Labador, Senator Crapo and Senator Simpson which were all positive. Senator Riesch was not available.
    • o Legislative update meeting with Crapo's office (Amy) Purpose: Invitation to attend, and shared understanding about this meeting--Amy stated that the meeting with Senator Crapo went well. He seemed very interested. Mike Simpson is interested in touring libraries in August. Amy stated Senator Crapo was very interested in all the things happening at Meridian Library District and the State of Idaho Libraries.  Amy also stated the Omnibus bill passed for the year 2018 but funding is still questionable for 2019. Please continue to advocate with your representatives.
    • o State of ALA (Ben) Purpose: understand how ALA and IMLS advocacy efforts are going--Ben stated the that the ALA is very cautiously optimistic about the futures of IMLS funding. ALA remains in the forefront of advocacy. Your name can make a difference. Ben stated that Emily Shekotoff is retiring and funding for her replacement is an issue. Keith Michael Fields is also retiring and ALA may be moving in a new and exciting directions. Ben stated that Jim Neal is the New President and he is very optimistic about the fututre of ALA.  Ben stated that President Jim Neal is excited about better utilizing chapters to forward ALA goals.
    • o Recruitment for board positions (Kristi) Purpose: understand every position we are recruiting for--There was discussion from Kristi about the board positions and what positions that are going to be on the ballot in June.
    • o Bylaw Voting & Position Voting Plan--Amy stated that there is a little more work that needs to be done and the third tier needs to be added.  There will be a vote on the 18th of May.
    • How is the content coordinator decided? Is it a voting position and how often are they elected?
    • President and Vice President are elected in opposite years.  These should be restructured to a 2 year term.


    Adjournment--The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am. Next meeting to be determined at a later date.

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