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    The Idaho Library Association depends on members of the library community at all levels. Library professionals, from the front lines to the back office, help keep our organization strong! Thank you for renewing your membership.

    Premium Member Resources

    Members receive many benefits with their membership, such as access to the membership directory, which lists all ILA members by division.

    Professional Development Opportunities

    Conferences provide ILA members with unique professional development opportunities.

    Discounts for ILA Events and More

    ILA members have access to both the annual and regional conferences at a discounted rate.

    Leadership Development

    ILA members can run for a variety of elected positions or volunteer for appointed ones. Members can also volunteer to serve on or run committees, and assist with conference planning.

    Networking Opportunities

    ILA members come from all types of libraries: public, school, academic and special. Some members are representative of a library board of trustees or friends group. No matter the type of library, ILA members come from every corner of Idaho – from Bonners Ferry to Ola to Island Park. Meeting colleagues from around the state and collaborating on special projects or events is an opportunity not to be missed.


    ILA members can apply for two continuing education scholarships: the ILA Scholarship and the Gardner Hanks Scholarship. at the annual conference each year, ILA recognizes the librarian of the year, the school library program of the year, and the public library of the year, as voted on by the ILA Scholarships and Awards Committee.


    ILA members have access to powerful, effective representation before state legislators and leaders. A legislative team works on issues in front of the legislature that are of an important nature to Idaho libraries, and keeps the Idaho library community informed about these issues and how they affect libraries.


  • Call for Proposals: Southwest Idaho Library Association 2018 Annual Conference

    “SWILA 2018: Cultivating Connections"

    Monday, April 9th 8:30am - 4 pm

    Library! at Bown Crossing


    Proposals on any aspect of cultivating connections in libraries are welcome. Topics welcomed might include outreach to specific populations, connecting through collections, programming ideas that foster connection, creating connections with colleagues, and the list can go on, but we do have a limited time frame for the day.  So, if you are passionate about these or other ways you help cultivate connections, and can give some helpful advice, tips, tricks, or ideas please submit!


    We are seeking 45 minute presentations, facilitated discussions, or interactive workshops. Don’t forget to leave time for questions!


    Submit your proposal ideas via the online form


    Submissions due Friday March 9th by 5pm :)


    Thank you all for your time and enthusiasm!

    SWILA 2018 planning team

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    Regional Conference Registration

    Thank you for supporting ILA's regional spring conferences!